THAKSALAVA, is an another name for the new digitalize education system in Sri Lanka. We are a self-motivated and geared-up digital education institute in Sri Lanka. Our aim is to remove the barriers and obstacles in the distance education system in our mother land.

THAKSALAVA is in the process of opening a digital platform to talented and well qualified teachers to offer their teaching service to Sri Lankan students as well as foreign students in thirsty for knowledge. For that we are proud to announce that THAKSALAVA is ready to present the service of overseas teachers/ tutors to Sri Lankan students too.

With the technological advancement, digitalize education system will be the new destination in Sri Lankan education system and our vision is to be a pioneer digital education institute in Sri Lanka while providing sustainable facility to both teachers and students to their teaching and learning.

Since we believe and consider the teachers students and parents are the building blocks in this operation, we take every possible care of them by creating a familiar and mutual relationship with and among them with keen interest to achieve the goal which is none other than the best quality education for Sri Lankan students.

Thaksalava for Students,

Your challenge is to elevate our small island “Sri Lanka” over the other world super powers as a solid and strong state. For this you must be fully armed with knowledge. For that we, THAKSALAVA will provide you,

Ability to participate classes you need, using your mobile number or E-Mail with a unique password of your own
Information of your class schedules, agendas and payment details are freely available in your profile at any time
The tutorials, assignments and homework exercise can be obtained at your personal profile
We will provide you the necessary security, obstructing any unauthorized person participating the class by using your password
Class fees can be paid via bank accounts or bank cards easily
Always let you study in clear mind and environment under well talented and qualified respected panel of teachers with our protection

Thaksalava for Parents,

You can supervise your child’s studying process at anytime
Since we do not use WhatsApp group or any other common communication method your child’s privacy and safety is assured
You can contact the teacher through our website
You do not have to give class fees to the child as all payments are through the banks
We THAKSALAVA provide the best, talented and well qualified panel of teachers for your child’s education
You can supervise the child’s classroom behavior simultaneously and discuss with the teacher if any problem arise

In addition to the said facilities, we will take maximum effort possible to facilitate the background and surrounding for better teaching-studying by upgrading and developing our digital institute constantly with latest technology available.

We look forward to make the concept, one world-one family, a reality with teachers and students of local and foreign origin for a better and better future.


"ඩිජිටල් අධ්‍යාපනයේ දිසාපාමොක් සරසවිය"